TKTS PhD Community is a peer-support community for Finnish PhD Candidates in the field of computer science, information systems and software engineering and related areas (such as human-computer interactions, digital electronics, data ethics etc.). So if you need a peer-support network and your topic is somehow related to the ICT/Tech field. Our mission is to bring together PhD Candidates from different Finnish universities and give opportunity to network, learn from each other and get and give peer-support. Whether you are a PhD Researcher working at a university, doing your PhD with a scholarship or advancing your thesis alongside a dayjob in the industry, so long as it’s in this field, come and join us.

The community operates in Facebook and LinkedIn. The Society supports the community by sponsoring events. During 2022, we have organized a virtual, facilitated peer networking event, a mentoring event as part of the Computer Science Days, and Social Media training (provided by Tomas Sjöblom).

Join the community!